Vermine 2047 Art.jpg

Vermine 2047 is a post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG that first hit tables in 2004. It's a game that focuses on survival in a world that's been ravaged by a plague. Like the Shadows of Esteren product line, Vermine puts a lot of emphasis on character creation and storytelling. The game system sees players making pools of D10s and rolling them together against a threshold. Stats come across as 1D to 3D, correlating to the number of D10s a player would roll for a given skill/stat/test. Of the dice rolled, at least one die must be equal to or greater than the threshold of a difficulty to pass. If many dice in the pool are equal to or greater than the threshold, it means the quality of the action taken is improved.

Where the first version of Vermine took place in the year 2037, this game takes place ten years later, coining the name Vermine 2047. Humans have been reduced to a so-called minor species and are trying to survive against rapidly evolving species that were previously unreported. With this version of the game, players will interact with a world that exists after the fall of the known civilization.

Studio Agate has picked up the Vermine 2047 project and partnered with Triquetra Entertainment to help republish the game in English to introduce it into the Western market. We will be releasing more information in the future for Vermine 2047, including a Kickstarter to fund a thorough translation and publication in the states.