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Currently, the following books are available for Shadows of Esteren:

Book One: Universe

This is the core book for Shadows of Esteren. Inside you will discover Esteren’s world through the eyes of its inhabitants, in a full-color book containing more than 160 illustrations, a game system that will notably allow you to create your Characters, manage the evolution of their sanity, use Magience, discover the secret of Oghamic arts, invoke the power of the Creator, etc., and game aids such as six pre-generated characters and more.

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Book Two: Travels

Travels is a 196-page supplement for Shadows of Esteren. It includes more than a hundred noteworthy places in Tri-Kazel, a bestiary of some of Esteren's most common animals, and the complete descriptions of ten horrific creatures, eighteen NPCs for players to encounter, and five scenarios that will test all manner of players' mental skills.

Monastery of Tuath

A 50-page supplement for Shadows of Esteren, The Monastery of Tuath introduces players deeper into the machinations of the Church of The One, and offers an all-new scenario of deduction, wits, and danger. Explore the monastery and deduce what's causing mayhem within its walls while investigating new NPCs and locations.

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Occultism is listed as a "thema", a supplement that explores a main theme in the Esteren universe - this one being the occult. In 120 pages this supplement details professions related to esotericism and mysticism. It includes many game aids and additional rules, as well as a long scenario, “A Tidy Room.”

The Black Rose Board Game

The Black Rose is the first board game set in the Shadows of Esteren universe. Taking place in the same setting as the official scenario Vengeful Words, written by Nelyhann, it is a 3- to 5-Player game, somewhere between Werewolf and Clue. Black Rose is short and simple, putting the emphasis on interaction between the Players. Unmask the culprit before it’s too late!

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Looking to purchase Shadows? You can pick up your own copies of Shadows of Esteren from Studio 2 right on their website! Click the image to see what's currently available.

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Inspired by Celtic mythology and gothic themes, Shadows of Esteren stands out against the background of fantasy RPGs. It's rules-light system puts focus on investigation and storytelling, leaving the number crunching to other games of its type. Esteren is a harsh, medieval world where the Characters will be confronted with horror and multi-faced threats. However, this does not imply they are doomed to perish; their survival will depend on their ingenuity and bravery. Gothic tradition can be found in awe-inspiring landscapes where the forces of nature rage, a perfect setting for tragic and passionate stories. It is a game of atmosphere, where immersion and interactions among the Players have priority over any kind of simulative gameplay. This is why the game system was designed to be intuitive and easy to become familiar with.