Fateforge is a new tabletop RPG that uses the 5th Edition ruleset, and augments the existing set itself. It is a high-fantasy setting that focuses on character options and storytelling, much like the Shadows of Esteren RPG line. Fateforge can be played as a new setting for the 5th Edition ruleset or as a stand alone game itself. It introduces new rules to create custom character backgrounds as well as a modular gaming system that gives Game Leaders several tools to tweak sessions and change the genre of the game at nearly any time. Also, there will be four books in the main Fateforge series. They are as follows:

  • Adventurers  - This tome brings together the rules for character creation, equipment, and non-magic objects. It introduces the rules of combat, disease, madness, the overall game rules (as they apply to the 5th Edition ruleset) and more, including new rules for character backgrounds.

  • Grimoire - This book presents all the data relating to magic and the supernatural. It includes class-specific spells, magical artifacts, the pantheons and all sorts of magical plans for players to use.

  • Arcana  - All of the details of the game's universe are detailed in this tome. Discover the world of Eana and the Fateforge. Included are tips for GMs on how to run games of Fateforge, such as NPCs, scripts to write your own sessions, and three full modules that you can use for your games.

  • Bestiary - In this tome you'll find 200 fantastic and monstrous creatures all living within the world of Eana. Each creature is illustrated by the Shadows of Esteren team, giving players a full idea of what they're facing in-game.


Fateforge was initially crowdfunded as DRAGONS in 2016 in France through Ulele. It was so successful that Studio Agate has partnered with Triquetra Entertainment to bring the game to the states. The first wave of Fateforge is currently on Kickstarter, where you can obtain the first two books of the series: Adventurers and Grimoire. More information about Fateforge will be coming soon, including announcements of the second two books in the set. For more information, you can check out the official Fateforge blog.